Sunday, June 21, 2009

New musings

It has been rather too long since I added something here, I realise that it is mostly because I grew a little tired of my own recent rants. The direction this blog took me, was not the one that I had intended to travel, I may have to start again with another blog.

This general idea was what triggered the Dolphin Muse poetry [and other things] blog into creation, I am pleased with the way that is going and so, am spending more time there, rather than here. I had intended that this blog was to be more spiritual but making note of things that affected me in health and other ways was important too.

This is why I am considering splitting this blog into two parts; one to continue the health, society and conspiracy themes - the second [really the third blog] will be the one to explore more spiritual and personal areas of my life. I have yet to make up my mind about this and have placed it into active consideration. In addition I have to admit that I am not certain how to change this so that it will show as two distinct blogs, I may have to use 'cut-and-paste' to extract the posts I want to move.

There probably is a purpose and a place for a 'rant' blog but I fully intended that this one was going to be spiritual and special interest, like the information about the "Face on Mars near the beginning of this blog and my 11th Re-Birthday post for instance.

This is rather a ramble as opposed to a rant for a change and if anyone can offer advice or suggestions as to how I can make the changes I am looking for, please add something to the comments section below this post.

Thank you for reading this and for your comments too.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Metformin - Good news for me?

Reading in the news from the BBC that Metformin is actually better for you, and me, than had been thought.

It seems that it assists the body's T-cells to work more efficiently. These cells "remember" past infections and vaccinations to fight current and future illnesses and Metformin seems to improve the strength of the reaction to illness.

Not going to say much more here other than noting that I am pleased that medication I don't feel that I really want is actually doing some good for me.

Smiling for once, about medical news that concerns me.

Love to all - Ainsley

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