Saturday, May 22, 2010

Statins - not quite a rant

After everything I, and so many others, have been saying about Statins and the fact that they are a real danger to health new research has shown...

Some doses and types of statins are linked with a greater risk of adverse effects, including liver problems and kidney failure, the UK research showed. "

This quote is taken from the BBC news website for 20 May 2010 [ ]

It just goes to show that we, the unsuspecting patients, are being abused and misinformed about the so-called benefits of drugs - how wonderful they are...

For a while I, somewhat reluctantly, took Statins after my doctor advised me [strongly] that it would be a good idea. When a recent urine sample was tested and showed traces of protein, indicating that there was a risk of renal and liver problems, I decided that I was going to stop using the Statins.

In a few months I will be returning for another check-up with the associated tests and then will be able to see whether the doctor is right - or I am...

Time will tell.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

And so it begins...

After a long time, the long awaited [by the government] roll-out of the identity cards begins in Greater Manchester [UK] and anyone foolish enough to sign up for one can pay £30 for the privilege of owning a biometric ID card.

But this is only the start...once you are on the database it is your responsibility to make sure that your details are up-to-date, in fact you are obliged to maintain the accuracy of the information. This means that you will have to pay to do this for the rest of your life and, if you don't you will pay - in fines or more.

In reality though, it probably will not matter much in the end, it is only the current Labour government that is pushing for the full introduction of the ID cards. If elected at the next election - probably early to mid 2010 - neither of the other main political groups would go ahead with the scheme; in fact, even the 'minor' groups have no intention of imposing the ID card in any way.

The only reason I have for posting this is because I have mentioned the idea before and I just wanted to update the information [am I getting the ID card disease here?].

The whole thing is a complete waste of time and money, estimated to be in the region of £20bn by the London School of Economics, and it will not improve security or prevent identity theft or fraud.

I didn't want to post yet another rant but I feel that this is important.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Observing you...

Under the guise of 'health care' another means of observing and following you is being trialled at present. The so-called 'Smart Plaster' is a sticking-plaster type of strip which is placed on the chest of a patient to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and other factors that are useful in keeping a check on a patients condition in hospital.

The main benefit is that the device is cordless and the lack of cables will free the patient and allow movement when necessary. The initial trials are to assess the integrity of the data sent by the strip to the monitoring computer and will also check on other factors - whether the device can be used during showers and the like.

Now take this to the next stage; I have already suggested that babies can be micro-chipped at birth for 'safety' reasons, to prevent abductions from hospitals and similar issues, the next step would be to implant biosensors to keep a check on health - initially for the high-risk babies but later for all so that health can be monitored whenever it is necessary.

It has already been suggested that these sensor strips should include a location finder so that the nursing staff can find a patient if there is a risk of falls or 'wandering off', a short step from there to a full-scale GPS link to enable any 'health care professional' to track someone when it is deemed necessary to medicate them.

How long before it is compulsory to have all babies micro-chipped at birth? How long before it becomes compulsory for EVERYBODY to be chipped?

Depressing, I know but you have been warned.

Some of this information has been extracted from the article on the BBC News website page -

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Statins - New fears

My headline is taken from the 'Daily Express' dated 25 Sep 09 and their headline states, in full, New fears over heart pill taken by millions, I dislike having to say "I told you so" but...

The full article can be seen at the above address but a few details are presented here; increased usage of Statins has seen an increase in reported side effects, some of which can be quite devastating - I quote:

"Statins are already known to cause tummy upsets, liver problems and muscle pains in some users as well as a rare but serious lung disorder.

Packets warn patients of these side-effects but last year manufacturers were forced to add new cautions, telling patients that statins can sometimes cause memory loss, sexual problems, depression and disturbed sleep."

Why do the 'health professionals' disregard information that has been presented to them over the years about problems and will only start to take these things seriously when they become fully public knowledge?

I told my doctor about these issues quite a long time ago but he eventually persuaded me to get onto the medication and now this news reaches me.

Another quote:

"[...] we have found one, simvastatin – the version most frequently prescribed in the UK and the main one given to many elderly patients – can cause impairment of pathways regulating muscle mass and metabolism.

I am reluctant to just stop taking the Statins but now I feel that, since my confidence in the suggestions made by my doctor has dropped significantly, I may have no other course of action. This whole feeling is compounded by the fact that Simvastatin is the one I have been prescribed as being the 'safest' Statin to take.

Please read the whole article and make comments to your medical professional if you feel as I do.

I told you so - is no compensation really, is it?

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

RFID issues re-surface

I received an e-mail from Natural News...
[ ] information about a possible scenario regarding RFID bracelets and Swine Flu vaccination control, with particular reference to Boston Massachusetts, where there is talk that the vaccination and registration will be made compulsory.

The speculation is that a chipped bracelet would be required to allow the law enforcement people to track all those who had taken the treatment and, incidentally, anyone who hadn't taken said treatment. This bracelet RFID chip would also hold personal medical information so that, in the event of accident or whatever, assistance can be provided even if the subject is unconscious.

This idea is flawed; consider, that the person could remove the bracelet and 'lose' it or just leave it at home.

No problem...implant the RFID chip directly into the subject and the chip reader would link directly to a central computer to provide the information the authorities require.

I talked about this concept in a previous post with regard to babies, chip them at birth for 'safety reasons' after a series of staged abductions then they can be traced at any time thereafter.

Big Brother State had nothing on this, it was only a preview of what could be done.

Picture shows a probable location for the implantation.

Just after the operation to insert the RFID ta...Image via Wikipedia

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The earlier posts...

Some of the earlier posts, from here, have been copied to the new Explorer blog but they haven't been deleted from this blog because I couldn't copy the comments over to Explorer and I felt that the comments were an integral part of what was going on for me.

The copies here are more for reference and explain where I am coming from - with particular reference to the Life-Change.

New posts will appear from time to time and will probably be of the rant variety, though I hope that this will not be too pervasive.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

New musings

It has been rather too long since I added something here, I realise that it is mostly because I grew a little tired of my own recent rants. The direction this blog took me, was not the one that I had intended to travel, I may have to start again with another blog.

This general idea was what triggered the Dolphin Muse poetry [and other things] blog into creation, I am pleased with the way that is going and so, am spending more time there, rather than here. I had intended that this blog was to be more spiritual but making note of things that affected me in health and other ways was important too.

This is why I am considering splitting this blog into two parts; one to continue the health, society and conspiracy themes - the second [really the third blog] will be the one to explore more spiritual and personal areas of my life. I have yet to make up my mind about this and have placed it into active consideration. In addition I have to admit that I am not certain how to change this so that it will show as two distinct blogs, I may have to use 'cut-and-paste' to extract the posts I want to move.

There probably is a purpose and a place for a 'rant' blog but I fully intended that this one was going to be spiritual and special interest, like the information about the "Face on Mars near the beginning of this blog and my 11th Re-Birthday post for instance.

This is rather a ramble as opposed to a rant for a change and if anyone can offer advice or suggestions as to how I can make the changes I am looking for, please add something to the comments section below this post.

Thank you for reading this and for your comments too.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Metformin - Good news for me?

Reading in the news from the BBC that Metformin is actually better for you, and me, than had been thought.

It seems that it assists the body's T-cells to work more efficiently. These cells "remember" past infections and vaccinations to fight current and future illnesses and Metformin seems to improve the strength of the reaction to illness.

Not going to say much more here other than noting that I am pleased that medication I don't feel that I really want is actually doing some good for me.

Smiling for once, about medical news that concerns me.

Love to all - Ainsley

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh no! Not another Statins story

Just when I thought [hoped] that the Statins story was fading from the public eye along comes another study that says that Statins were linked to reduced risk of prostate cancer. Note that this is only a 'reduced risk' and not an actual treatment or cure, I have to wonder how much of an influence the Sta

Pills (white rabbit)Image by erix! via Flickr

tins manufacturers have on these studies.

Am I only being paranoid [irrational fear] about these things or is there a real threat to our health from things which are being pushed on us by the so-called health professionals.

The comments in the BBC News page

[ ]
are filled with an alarming number of 'could's 'might have's and similar phrases. This, to me, is raising public fears and encouraging the public to be rather more prone to accepting a mass 'medication' of the general populace, even though there is no need for it and there is a hidden [and probably unpublished] risk of other health problems associated with Statins.

A comment from John Neate, chief executive of The Prostate Cancer Charity, is rather telling; "It is too soon to say if the results of these studies could lead to a potential breakthrough in the use of statins to reduce the risk of prostate cancer or to slow its development."

I am willing to make a wager that the government would be quite happy to force this, and other, medication on us without allowing any kind of opt-out for the individual. If added to the water supply, as recommended with fluoride, then the consumer will have to take it and suffer.

I will be the first to admit that these posts are somewhat depressing but it is this kind of health issue that matters to me, in that I am in the middle of medication issues myself.

Love to you all, with the wish that you never have to deal with these things on an involuntary basis.


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Monday, March 30, 2009


Just when I thought that I could forget about this issue, along comes another story.

Using rosuvastatin as the trial base, an American research [from New England] study claims to cut the risk of things like deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Other varieties of Statins haven't been tested in this study but you can be certain that they will be included in any recommendations made by the medical profession.

RosuvastatinImage via Wikipedia

The researchers claim that "aggressive Statin therapy reduces life-threatening blood clots in the veins" and that this "carried no risk of excess bleeding...associated with alternative blood-thinning treatments such as warfarin". What isn't mentioned is that Statins have all kinds of other health risks and as such they should be applied to treatments on an individual basis, rather than the blanket prescribing system that is being promoted at the moment.

The suggestion is that Statins should be prescribed on a prophylactic basis to all those considered to be at risk from DVT or whatever. My fear is that this will probably be extended to include everyone in time.

The feeling I am getting is that the chemical manufacturers are really getting desperate to dump their waste by-products in a 'non-polluting way' and are planning to rely on us to do it for them, so many medicines are already entering the waste system that it would be fairly easy to add more - what this will do to the environment is anybodies guess.

Yours, in fairly deep distrust of anything the 'health' profession is trying to push on us.


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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Testing The Apture Assistant

This is just a trial post to allow evaluation of the new Apture Editor Plugin for Firefox, it doesn't assist when composing the post in the same way that Zemanta does but works when actually on the blog.

Planning to test with some images as well.

Lazy sundaymorning.....Image by Nessy Shepherd via Flickr

To see what effect it has on what is present.

This post will probably be removed to free the space but, then again experiments should be kept for reference. Actually, having seen the possibilities I will keep this here, I point out that if something seems to have a 'hover-over' type of link then allow your mouse to sniff at it and see what appears. ☺ You may like what you see.

I think I like what this offers.

Peace - Ainsley

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Travel tracking and E-borders

I had intended to comment on the government's suggestion that the travel plans and patterns of all citizens of this nation should be stored on a database for up to ten years. Given the way the government works that should be considered to be a minimum of ten years but however long this period is, it will be an intrusion into privacy and personal rights.

My statement that it was a suggestion has to be amended now that it looks as though the system is about to be initialised and some ferry, rail and air companies will start to introduce the data collection over the Easter [2009] holidays. Private pilots, owners of light aircraft will also be brought into the scheme and their flight plans will be recorded in the database.

Even weekend sailors and sea-fishermen will face criminal prosecution if they step one foot on foreign soil.

A further twist, one which to me is the greatest joke, has cross-channel swimmers and their support teams also having to file their 'travel plans' for recording in the database.

Probably the most disturbing thing about all of this is the fact that the government will want to know;

Who you are,
Where you live,
How you paid,
Your phone number,
Your e-mail address,
Where you are going,
Who is with you,
Where you will be staying,
When you will be back,

And in most cases all this information will have to be provided at least 24 hours in advance, so no spontaneous holidays should be considered - just in case.

The information for this blog post was gathered from the No2ID pages and

Logo for NO2ID.Image via Wikipedia

Please visit this site if you care about Liberty in the UK

I had intended to add a picture or two but I didn't think that the material should have any image to distract from the seriousness of what the government is trying to do to us.

It cannot be said that any of this is really going to tackle the issues of terrorism and in my opinion is just going to make '1984' a prophesy rather than a warning.

Sad, really.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here we go again - The Statins Issue

The latest news from the BBC says that "Millions more healthy people could be put on cholesterol-lowering drugs." "Under current plans around one in four adults aged over 40 is to be prescribed Statins on the NHS. GPs will begin the risk assessments later this year."

The research comes from the Maccabi Healthcare Services and Sackler Faculty of Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel and the BBC News page doesn't mention any risks involved in taking Statins.

Well here are some information segments from a few other sites, assumed to be responsible in their reporting of any health issues involved in Statins use.

The Mail Online reported in June 2006 ( that taking Statins was causing mental and neurological problems like irritability, memory loss and muscle weakness, leading in extreme cases to muscle cell breakdown and kidney failure. Dr Ravnskov said the reason Statins are considered safe is that trials do not include people who are likely to have problems.

"Cholesterol is vital for the development and functioning of the
brain," says Ravnskov, "so it's not surprising that various
psychological problems show up."

A further comment from that same article stated that for a non-drug approach a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine (2005) found that omega-3 reduced the chance of dying from heart disease more than Statins.

MedicineNet ( reported that the most common side effects are headache, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diahorrea, rash, weakness and muscle pain. More serious but, fortunately rare, effects are liver failure and rhabdomyolysis - a serious side effect in which there is damage to muscles. Starting with muscle pain and progressinsg to loss of muscle cells, kidney failure and eventual death.

I appreciate that these reports are from a few years ago but nothing has really changed and I still wonder if what I asked in a previous blog post is still a valid question. Are Statins an unwanted by-product of some other process and this is a convenient and legal way of dumping this waste material without causing environmental issues?

I have diabetes and as such have to take care of my health, I have fought against taking Statins but my doctor has insisted that Statins are the way to go. I would still love to take something else for the treatment of high cholesterol but the medical professionals seem rather reluctant to take much notice of my requests.

It really worries me that some people, who are actually healthy, are going to be encouraged to take some potentially harmful medication to keep the drug manufacturers in business.

I know that this is yet another rant but I do feel that this is important to bring to the public eye - just because you are over 40 years old you will be screened and probably prescribed Statins.

Is this right?

Yours, in frustration,


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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Surveillance State - What next?

The first of the latest warnings about threats to personal liberty and freedom came on Friday 6 Feb 09 with the 'Electronic surveillance and collection of personal data' information from the House of Lords. Civil liberties campaign group Liberty have said that abuses of power have meant that "even the innocent have a lot to fear" and that the proposed database to store e-mails and phone calls is giving the government. Said database has been put on hold after these were branded 'Orwellian' but there have been further thoughts about how to initiate it in the near future. For further information on this see the BBC News page

A lot of the complaint comes from the misuse of CCTV data just to convict people who allow their dogs to foul the pavement (sidewalk, for the American readers) or littering - rather than for crime fighting. We, in the UK, have the highest density of CCTV cameras in Europe with an estimated four million cameras.

Security camera at London (Heathrow) Airport. ...Image via Wikipedia

The latest (08 Feb 09) joke comes from the fact that the government is compiling a database 'to track and store the international travel details of millions of Britons'. "Computerised records of all 250 million journeys made by individuals in and out of the UK each year will be kept for up to 10 years." To read more on this see the BBC News page

This information will include names, addresses, telephone numbers, seat reservations, travel itineraries and credit card details of travellers. It will probably also include details of who you are travelling with and where your eventual destination is located.

While I understand the perceived need for screening passengers and checking these against criminal lists, I do wonder why the government wants to set up a database of travellers and keep these records for ten, or more, years and at what financial cost to the country and what personal cost to the individual.

Orwell had it right - Big Brother really is watching you, pass my bottle of gin please.

I called this a joke but there really isn't that much to laugh about.

Take care and try to avoid the cameras.

Love to all, Ainsley

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More water issues - Part two

As promised, an update on the latest crisis; the plumbers did arrive - twenty-four hours later than originally promised. This was excusable, they had an emergency call requiring work to go on for much longer than anticipated. The arrival today was a bit later than expected but the work went well and we now have hot water on tap. I don't know what the plumber did but he also sorted out the booster immersion element as well - this meant that hot water was available after only an hour.

I am impressed with the service and would recommend the company to anyone who needs a complete building service, if you live in the Penzance area and want details, use the e-mail link from this blog and I will let you have contact details.

Love to all from a very happy Ainsley

Monday, January 12, 2009

Water Confidence and Becoming Dolphin-like

I have just realised that, although I had made several references to the Water Confidence process I went through, there were no posts here in the blog to give them have any meaning. So, here is an edited version of what I wrote for the dolphinsmiles page from Delphiris; her comments are denoted by italic script in the text below.

After having met Ainsley on a dolphin oriented workshop he called me months later – having been nudged by his hyperspace "dolphin pod" to do something about his fear. I gave him a rough outline how I could be working with him, releasing his fear of water and find the joy in being caressed and supported by water. After only three sessions and an insatiable will to progress Ainsley was for the first time in the deep end of the swimming pool, under water, totally spacing out. It felt to me he was going off into another world, feeling totally safe.

A little quote from my diary:

"I have been wondering if, now that I have started the aqua healing sessions, the various water issues I have been having will now end.

Over the years there have been many water things happening to me; back in London a pipe under the bath leaked, the water heater leaked, the toilet cistern leaked and the toilet bowl broke – in a different toilet in the same house the cistern leaked. Here in Cornwall (in our first house) the seal around the bath leaked, the shower unit leaked, the walls leaked, the window leaked. The toilet cistern valve broke (in our new house) and water leaked down the walls, flooding the kitchen; is it my imagination or is there a pattern here?"

Could it be that all I really needed to do was connect with the water element and embrace it, take it into myself fully and accept it, just so that it could stop having to shout at me?

After the second session:

"Thank you for your congratulations; I really feel that I have truly accomplished something here, I never thought that I would enter the water so willingly and, to be quite honest, for all those years I could never see the point of immersing myself in water - except to bathe and even then there were some parts of me that would stay essentially dry."

After the third session:

"I did not realise that I was so far gone, if only I had realised how much fun being underwater was I would have done this years ago. Then again - if I had, then I would not have found your connection and the loving assistance that you are giving me. From that point of view I am glad not to have learned before."

After the fifth session:

I sent Ainsley to have a pool session without me.

" Well I did it! In the pool by myself without any aids of any kind, other than goggles and nose clip. My lower end still has a tendency to sink but I am getting the idea of using my legs and feet to propel myself through the water.

I don't think I need any more water confidence sessions but I would love to have at least one more water massage, I did miss that today."

This is the article I wrote for Delphiris’ website.

I had never been in a swimming pool. When I was in the sea the water did not pass my mid-thighs and once when I was sitting in the water near the edge of a large pond my partner swam past and the waves sent me into a panic which made me spend the next fifteen minutes picking the mud out from under my fingernails. Even having a shower had me in a panic situation if water went into my ears.

Several meditations I undertook showed me that I had drowned in at least two previous lives and I realised that this was keeping me from wanting to enter any watery place: however, I did not feel that I was actually missing out on anything.

Another workshop introduced me to the idea of a spiritual dolphin pod-mate: she took me to places that I had never even dreamed about and told me and showed me some beautiful things. Recently I attended another workshop, this was also dolphin-related and my pod-mate took me again into places that I found wonderful. Another attendee at this workshop was Delphiris, whom I had met several times before but there had been no "connection" between us, this time however my pod-mate gave me a push and Delphiris and I talked for a while, I found that there was a spiritual connection between us, the teacher that I had been looking for was here with me. After this I had a few other things to do but within three months I was contacting Delphiris to ask if I could have the water confidence treatment that she offered.

Delphiris gave me an outline of what she was going to offer me and ask me to do; she insisted, quite correctly, that everything that she said was only suggestion and not an order. So at no time did I feel that I was "under pressure" to perform yet since I had decided to gain the confidence to be in the water I really wanted to get on with all of this work. I was, of course, terrified and in my first wet session this caused me to miss my footing on the bottom step in the pool and I plunged into and was completely immersed in the water. Delphiris said when she saw this that I had taken myself to the second level of her training before she had even given me the first. It was actually at this point that the real fear vanished and I was left with only the residual nervousness about entering the pool and the water.

Just a couple of weeks later there is something I would like to quote from Delphiris. After only three sessions and an insatiable will to progress Ainsley was for the first time in the deep end of the swimming pool, under water, totally spacing out…it felt to me he was going off into another world, feeling totally safe."

This was indeed how I felt; I really could not understand why I had not related to water before and there was a real comfort involved in being completely enclosed and almost cocooned by water. Delphiris was there to protect me but she had to surface three times to breathe while I was staying underwater. Over the next couple of weeks Delphiris gave me a few new techniques to integrate the movements of my upper body with my legs and....

This week I went to a private swimming pool alone, unsupervised just to play in the water by myself, lovely. Thank you Delphiris, for showing me what I can do if I just have the confidence and will.

That was the actual article (with some small amendments) and here below is a little additional piece in the form of a testimonial, I am pleased to include it here as well because what I said then is still fully valid.

"I had the pleasure and privilege of taking the Water Confidence and the Aqua Healing Touch with Delphiris. Until I had done this I never knew how lovely it was to be in the water and I will always be grateful to her for the loving treatment she gave me. I highly recommend her therapeutic sessions to anyone."

Ainsley, Tregeseal, Cornwall

Anyone reading this and wanting some further information should click the link in the side panel to go to the dolphinsmiles website and read for yourself what Delphiris has to offer.

I send thanks and love to Delphiris for what she brought to me and I send love to you for reading this.

Love Ainsley

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

More water issues - Part one

A while ago I realised that I was having some 'water issues' (details of which can be found on Delphiris' website, the particular page of her site is and was guided to confront them by making friends with the element. These issues seem to have resurfaced for some reason and last evening (10 Jan 09) I discovered that the immersion heater tank was dripping on the floor making the carpet rather damp.

Initially, it seemed impossible to get hold of an emergency plumber - late on a Saturday is one of the times when these plumbers should be on stand-by for call-out. Eventually we did find one, strangely he was only seven miles from where we live, and he was prepared to come and check out our problem. He closed off the water supply to the header tank and, in consultation with us, has agreed to take on the work of repairing the leak and adding a few things to the pipes to make any further work simpler but this would have to wait till Monday.

So we are without hot water - unless we boil kettles - but at least the shower is unaffected so we can keep clean.

This saga will be reported upon soon...

Friday, January 02, 2009

11th Re-Birthday

It is just coming up to the eleventh anniversary of the Great Life-changing event and I felt that it would be appropriate to re-post and update some of the information. The eleventh is an important year, the number 11 is the first of the master numbers in numerology and I felt that using this power would be particularly good, for me - at least. I have only just realised that 2009 is also a master number year (2+9=11) and it may well be this fact that is causing me to write this new segment of my blog.

On 08-01-98 I was working in Adventurine, the New-Age shop Liz (my wife) used to own in Penzance, when I started to feel a little strange. Thinking that it was just hunger, I started to make plans to find something to eat from the bakery on the floor below. I got to the door and was about to take my key out when I felt a sensation I can only describe as a 'pop' in the left side inside my skull. The next thing I knew was that I was lying back against the wall, wondering what had happened and what I should tell Liz.

I tried to reach the phone but found that I couldn't and I propped myself against another wall to await inspiration. At this point everything becomes rather vague, a lot of what I know now comes from what I have been told. It seems that I was discovered by a woman who was looking to find someone who had witnessed her car being hit in the car park outside. It was this angel who contacted the ambulance service to assist me, a policeman who arrived just before the ambulance took one look at me and said, "Oh, he is drunk."

The paramedics knew better and I can remember being loaded onto a wheel-chair to be taken to the ambulance. I know that I tended to drift in and out of consciousness for the next few hours, Liz appeared by my bedside in the assessment room but since I found it difficult to make myself understood I ended up playing with the breathing monitor, making the alarm sound when I took too few or too many breaths.

The rest of the time in the hospital was really boring and I tended to utilise it to perform simple exercises to keep my legs and back fairly supple. When I returned to the out-patients department for a check-up a couple of weeks later the specialist informed me that he was "glad to see you up and around, we didn't expect you to survive a week". Ten days after the event they sent me home.

A few weeks later I had been working in the shop when a friend came in and she expressed great pleasure at seeing me, she knew why I had been absent from the shop for a while and when I said that I thought that I had received 'an awful warning' about my life, she immediately rushed forward saying that she didn't think that what I had said was valid. She placed her hand into my chackric column just above my head and sensed me carefully, what she said next surprised me a bit - but I felt the truth of what she said.

"You were taken out of circulation to be re-tuned and re-aligned so that you can get on with the work you are supposed to be doing."

The next event took place a few weeks after that, Liz pointed out a notice on the advertising board by the stairs inviting people to attend a spiritual healing group to be held locally. This turned out not to be just for healing but to learn the techniques and method of the healing process taught by Ann Moore. This was the first step on my path to where I am now.

After the spiritual healing I was introduced to Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy (Dorinda Hood and Brenda Caldwell - the creator of the AS-WET system), Reiki I (Elizabeth Holman) and Reiki II (Marlene Treloar), Footsteps of the Soul (Pat Angove [creator]), ColourWorks (Melissie Jolly [creator]) and Indian Head Massage (Delphiris Hoffman); all these are for use on clients, though they have to be accepted on a personal basis first. There were several other things but these were for my own development, though these were also tools which could be applied if appropriate.

It then took a period time of working on clients and conversations with my guides for me to understand that 'I am not a healer', the only one who can heal you is you, all I can do is to add energy into the system to assist you to heal yourself. All of which only works if you really want to heal.

After all this I eventually realised that when I looked in a mirror I didn't really know who I was looking at and that all I could see was a mask. I had long hair and a beard and now I felt that I had been hiding behind them for too long, some of my good friends had long been saying that a hair removal was somewhat overdue. The interesting thing was that, after the Great Unveiling, a very short time later I came across a photograph of me - taken when I was about nine years old - and the hairstyle was identical. The 'real' me had re-emerged; one of my healing teachers - Vernon Frost, he offered a couple of Labyrinth meditation workshops, had told me not to hide my light under a bushel - or perhaps he meant a bush (of hair).

The next step I took was to make friends with water, I am still not a 'swimmer' but after the Water Confidence course, with Delphiris, I can now enter a swimming pool without feeling terrified.

So, eleven years on from my re-birth I can say that I am a much more open person and am looking forward to even more learning and development.

At this point I had intended to add a couple of photographs but I realised that the old image of me before the Great Unveiling wasn't relevant any more and only the new image of the 'New me' was 'me' - so here it is.
New meImage by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

I hope you find this interesting enough to comment here, I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Love - Ainsley

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There is a call for speed-limiting cars

A short time ago I posted a segment on Geo-location and the possible use for tracking speeders. I didn't think that this could actually be taken further by the government.

They are planning to make a digital map of the road system in the UK and link that to a (voluntary - at present) device which could be installed in vehicles so that the car is forced to obey the speed limit for the road being travelled. The brakes would be applied by the computer system automatically without the driver having to actually do anything.

Using this system would really allow the authorities to know where you are and whether you a breaking any traffic regulations. What I thought would be only linked to mobile phones - and thus could be circumvented (leave your phone at home) quite easily - would now be fully integrated into your car and be able to track you wherever and at whatever speed you are going.

While this might be considered a life-saving device it has to be considered that there are times when being able to accelerate out of danger. and thus officially break the speed limit, would be useful and necessary.

It has been said that several, if not most, of the motoring groups would reject this idea because they consider that the government is placing too much emphasis on speed as the prime cause of accidents. I suspect that the freedom of choice people would have something to say about this too.

I extracted this information from the BBC News page at and a few more bits of information and some background links can be found there.


I had intended to add to this blog on a personal level but this will have to wait for a few more days, look for something on or before 08 Jan 09.

Love and peace to all for the New Year

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Experimenting with a new toy

BotallackThis post is for me to assess the usefulness of 'Zemanta', a blogging assistant. It is designed to suggest images and articles to add to the blog as it is being written, the test for me is whether it offers an image that I have been trying to add to my various postings here.

Botallack...this picture was taken by me on my mobile phone several months ago during one of the warmer months when I took a walk out to the cliffs to get some exercise and in the hopes of taking an image or two to add to this blog.

Well, I can see it here in the draft and if it appears in the posted version as well I shall be pleased. I shall be much more inspired to collect more photographs for inclusion here, I didn't feel the need when I couldn;t be certain that the images would actually appear.

Hope that this is interesting for you...
Love to all

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Geo-location to solve traffc problems

I have had this story sitting on one of the tabs in my Firefox for quite a few days now, waiting to see if anyone else would respond to the concept.

No one did, so here is my take on it; the idea seems to be quite a good one, use the geo-location device in our mobile phones to feed back information about traffic conditions so that we can avoid the problems. The concept can be connected with sat-nav systems for complete coverage to make the driving experience better.

As handsets move, their signals are re-routed to the nearest mobile mast and it is this "hand-off" that provides the information about movement and speed. One aspect of this is not mentioned in the BBC News article (, when does this information become interesting to traffic police with respect to speeding offences? After all, if the "hand-off" happens more frequently than normal for any particular road then the vehicle is obviously exceeding the speed limit and the police don't even have to chase you - they already have your phone number and can trace the owner of the phone without too much difficulty.

Big Brother is already watching you, now he will know when you are breaking the law as well.

I don't drive but I know many people who do and I suspect that this whole idea will give rise to mixed feelings.

Happy (paranoid) driving - take care on the road.

Love to all


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Statins, is this the new conspiracy?

I keep reading in the news about how 'good' Statins are for everyone and now there is a new drive to get everyone to use them even if they are already healthy. I wonder whether they are a by-product of another industrial process in the same way that fluoride is and when they couldn't find any other way of safely disposing of this toxic material, it was pushed as a 'health product'. Health? The amount of fluoride in a small tube (child sized and flavoured to appeal to children) has enough fluoride to kill a child if eaten.

The non-mainstream health groups have long said that Statins are not a safe thing to place in the human body and should be avoided if possible.

My suspicious mind is wondering whether there is a similar issue here, Statins being produced from a different source would be dumped but a 'health use' is discovered and it is profitable to dump it on the unsuspecting public instead. It still gets into the environment but it is profitable and they cannot be prosecuted for placing it there and the health authorities will come to their support and say "what a good thing you have done".

Yes, I know that this is another rant about health issues but I do feel rather strongly since my 'health professionals' (sponsored by the government and the drug manufacturers) have been pushing me to add certain medications to my body - and some of these, I feel, are not really helping me at all.

Rant over...for now, but do not be surprised to see a new post before too long.

Love and good health to all,

Friday, November 07, 2008

Flexing the muscles on this blog

This is partially done to allow the FaceBook thing I have to allow me to add this blog to the list of 'services' on my list.

I also wanted to try out the flickr connection to permit the addition of images to these pages.  It isn't working the way I want but since I can add images to this blog I don't really care.

This is a picture of somewhat warmer days on the cliffs near my home.

I haven't done much new here for a little while but I feel that some new stuff is on the way.

See you soon - love

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The 'Mind Wipe' Pill

How long before science fiction is completely overtaken by fact?  This has already happened in some areas but now a new idea comes to the fore.

Scientists in the USofA say that they have found a way to selectively wipe out 'uncomfortable' memories.  This is only a short step away from the legal 'Mind Wipe' used as a punishment in the TV series 'Babylon 5', where a criminal - convicted of a serious crime, like murder - has his or her memory wiped and supplanted by false and socially acceptable memories so that they can take their place in society as a productive member again.

In experiments on mice it was found that a particular protein has a role in the formation of memories, it is theorised that it should be possible to develop a pill to erase 'traumatic and fearful memories' without damaging the brain.  How difficult would it be to simply remove all memories to create a safe member of society?

Or, dare I say it, to create a memory-free being (I cannot use the word 'person' here for rather obvious reasons) for use as a slave.

This way nightmares are born.

Thanks for reading this.

Love Ainsley

Friday, October 17, 2008

The visit didn't happen...

But I am still hoping that someone will come here.  I felt rather sad that with the (granted, rather limited) publicity there must be quite a few people who are even more disappointed with the no-show; I have to say that my personal feelings are that there will be a visit rather soon.  We are on the verge of something very special and rather spectacular and a visit is really overdue.

I probably will not be the first to break the news but I will report the information as soon as I can.

Keep watching the sky may well be the first to spot the visitors.

Love Ainsley

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The arrival of new friends

I have seen quite a few references to the possible arrival of UFOs above our cities on October 14 (2008) and feel that I have to add my thoughts on this.

I must admit that my mind is rather torn on this matter even though spirit is really comfortable, the human part is still sitting in disbelief here.  There is also the concept that the war-motivated masses will see this as something to fight and beings coming here in friendship, could actually result in the destruction of society on this planet.

If we can avoid all the potential problems, then I would really love to see and meet some visitors from other worlds - knowingly meet that is, I am convinced that there are beings among us who are from other worlds and have kept their presence carefully hidden.

I await the arrival with interest, this could be the most wonderful thing that could happen to the inhabitance of our planet.

Whatever happens, I shall make an entry here.

Love to all...(I mean all)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Assisting Gaia

An interesting web site has been brought to my attention, http://onewiththewinds,com, while I fully support the idea that assistance should be given to those affected by the storms and hurricanes that are appearing in the world at the moment, it troubles me that these things are being 'tweaked' by well-intentioned people.

In my meditations I have been shown that Gaia does not require healing any more - she just requires support in what she does...occasionally this means some clearing and, in this process some of us will have to change our spiritual pattern. There is also another level to this, some of the souls need to step out of their current incarnation because they have a different area of 'work' to attend and they also need to experience a different way of leaving this incarnation.

What I am saying here is, that the things that Gaia is manifesting are things that she requires, as do the souls that are experiencing them - give assistance to those who remain but do not attempt to mess with what needs to happen.

I know that there are many out there who will not like what I have just said but it is for you to meditate on these things and ask your higher self whether what I have said is valid.

Let me know what you think.

Love to all

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Non-mainstream religion

Well here comes another target for the 'watch list' or even a possible 'hate list'.

I have been reading through one of the little leaflets from the "Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania", this one about living in a peaceful new world. One of the background facts not covered by the leaflet is that we will all have to be vegetarian - we are all shown as living in complete harmony with all other living animal organisms, what then can we eat?

The leaflet suggests that the whole earth will be transformed into 'a gardenlike paradise state'; lovely but what will happen to those life-forms which are happy in the desert or rocky areas or any place not considered as 'garden' by the members of this religion group.

Incidentally this leaflet goes on to say that there will be food for all and that we will be the ones who will plant and harvest...this implies that the population of Earth will have to fall significantly, how will this be achieved?

It also troubles me that the Bible, supposedly the word of God, is written and re-written by the leaders of the various religious groups so that the book will say what they want their followers to read. I once asked someone who knocked at my front door what the bible said about reincarnation, only to be told that there were no references in the book at all. The emperor Justinian and his wife did a fairly good job of removing most of the references but there are still a few remaining in the King John editions (those are also heavily edited) but I discovered, through a search on the web, that the version of the bible they used was entirely re-written for their use.

If this doesn't attract some comments it will show that no one else reads my blogs and that this for my own entertainment purposes alone.

Love to all

Monday, August 18, 2008

DNA database - the government conspiracy

I read an article from The Register (} about the fact that the government probably will not comply with requests to remove innocent people from the database, I also went through the comments and came across one from 'Chris G'. He (essentially) jokingly makes a suggestion that babies should be micro-chipped at birth...

"According to another article in the Reg, in the UK
we are NOT innocent until proven guilty, therefore children should be
considered guilty from birth, after all how many of them will grow up
to be the proud possessors of ASBOs or worse? I say let's stop messing
around , don't just take their DNA,fire a chip into their necks the
moment they are born so we can keep track of them from day one.

"We could train Midwife/policemen then we could chip the little sods the moment there is enough of the neck showing."

Just to be certain that this idea will go through and become law, all the government has to do is to arrange for a sudden rash of baby kidnappings from hospitals around the country. Then when they suggest that if babies are chipped at birth then they can be traced within the hospital and cannot be removed without permission...of course these chips cannot be deactivated and will remain in the body for life. Because our babies will be safe from kidnapping we will all be pleased to allow this to happen.

Am I the only one to see this as a distinct possibility and find that this is really disturbing?

Sleep well...if you can.

Love to all

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Varioous aspects of blogging

The headline reads:
'The power of female blogging' and the rest of the text goes on to talk about the female force in blogging. I think that most of what is said, about getting more women interested in pouring out their thoughts onto the web for others to read is really great. One thing that appears a bit further down the page states that "In a print magazine advertisers could use old standards such as heels, lipstick and sex to sell..." I took a quick look at the front page of BlogHer and read one of the bloggers references about the 'must-have shoes for the fall' just made me feel that the whole female blogging push is about selling. Further proof of this is fully illustrated by the attempt to get the bloggers to add some kind of advertising to their page, something I really cannot get interested in doing or indeed following. When I see an advert I just ignore it, sales to me are not going to happen - sorry.

I also fail to see why there should be a 'women only' blogging site; if the equivalent version of a 'men only' site were to come into being on the web I can see that there would be a very vociferous claim of sexism, and rightly so. The only possible reason I can come up with is for a more efficient demographic targeting of the audience, this rant is fairly pointless - no one is going to change what is happening.

I mentioned that I am now on Twitter, I use TwitterFox to inform me of postings when I am not signed in to the site and have activated the phone link for one of my 'followings' and also use Twhirl for when I don't want to use Firefox for whatever reason. The reason I am babbling about this is because I am considering adding 'TwitPic' to my armoury, to allow me to add pictures to my posts - advice and information from any reader (in comments to this post) would be gratefully received.

Speaking of which, if anyone wants to follow my posts on Twitter look for me as DolphinDancer (no breaks in the name) and say hello.

Well, that is all for now - love to all.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Experiments in the Blogging world

Greeting blogging friends

I have been trying out the Twitter thing and find it to be quite good; it has been referred to as a 'Micro-Blog' and as such works well. If you don't have any friends on Twitter it can be a rather lonely place and this is the way I find it at present. I am starting to find my way around there and if you want to take a look, go to and take read their information pages. If you are already familiar with the way it works and maybe want to 'follow me' then look for DolphinDancer (no space or hyphen in the name) and say hello sometime.

I actually wanted to place their little widget on this page but cannot get the thing to install, leave alone work; I shall have another go sometime soon, meanwhile this will have to suffice.

This addition to my blog is being made through the ScribeFire add-on in Firefox, I find it to be a very useful thing. Additions to the blog can be made without having to connect to the Blogger site directly and is very useful for blogging 'on the fly'

Till next time, love and peace.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Phone and e-mail database

It has been placed into consideration by ministers in parliament that a database of electronic information which will hold details of every phone call and e-mail sent in the UK. Granted that these plans at an early stage but it is my opinion that this idea ranks with the concept of the national ID card scheme and the biometric passport as a very unwelcome intrusion into our personal privacy and all of these things should be scrapped before any further money is wasted on them.

I have to admit that this little rant is my own feelings but members of parliament have stated very similar ideas, including -

Given the appalling track record of data loss, this state is simply not to be trusted with such private information
Chris Huhne
Lib Dems

I really hope that the civil liberty groups working in this country manage to influence the MPs to throw this one out.

I guess that this rant has ensured that I am on one of the security databases as a potential trouble-maker - oh well...sigh!

In peace and privacy...Ainsley

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The possibility of tin mining restarting in Cornwall

While I have to admit that an improvement in employment prospects in Cornwall and Devon should be welcomed, the potential damage to the environment must be taken into consideration.

The tungsten and tin mine on the edge of Dartmoor at Hemerdon will threaten that beautiful area and any developments must take into consideration the risks to the environment.

Photograph of a tin mine from the BBC images - I cannot get this to load in the time I have available so this reference has to stand. for the whole article.

(A slightly concerned) Ainsley

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Panda sneezes

Just trying this to see if it works...

<embed id="VideoPlayback" style="width:400px;height:326px" flashvars="" src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> </embed>

I hope it does because it really is funny.

Actually this didn't work but the link - copy and past it to your browser bar - should take you to the Google player page and it can be viewed there.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The miracle berry

The article on the BBC news website seems to show that 'Big Business' is once again flexing its muscles to prevent the smaller men from gaining a foothold and marketing a product which will benefit a lot of people.

The product is an extract from the berry of 'Synesepalum dulcificum'

Taken from the BBC News website (

Grown in Africa, first documented in 18th Century

Acts on the sour receptors of the tongue, turning sour tastes sweet

Effect lasts 30 mins - two hours

Effect is destroyed in hot foods - eg coffee and baked foods

Renders an accompanying dry white wine sickly sweet

Great for diet control and for those who need to maintain a 'diabetic' control on their blood-glucose levels, it would appear that the American FDA are controlled by the sugar and sweeteners companies to maintain their control over what is consumed.


Long gap - but I hope to do better

It has been really too long since I made the last post here; much has happened, a lot of which cannot be told in this blog.

One of the most important things has been felt even by some of my least 'spiritual' friends, they have been commenting to me about how fast time seems to be passing and I didn't really become aware of this in connection to this blog till I considered reading it and adding something new.

I hope to write something new here and this should be somewhat more frequent too, I have added something to my installation of Firefox which should facilitate this. My intent is to spread the field of my thoughts and, although it is still my intention to have a fairly spiritual flavour to my thoughts here, I shall start to add things which just hold my interest - and hold the interest of those who read these things too.

Love to all - Ainsley

Saturday, December 30, 2006


This is a very special year ahead; numerologically, it is a number nine year. This number signifies the ending of a sequence and the preparation for something new - growth into a new time and area of growth for the person and for the spirit.

During 2007 you should notice some of the things, and people, you have been involved with finishing and leaving room for something to take their place. The transition will not necessarily be a dramatic one because it will be 2008 which will bring in the new but this will be a clearing out of the old and, essentially, the things which no longer serve your purpose and serve you. Don't try to hold on to them; bless them, thank them for assisting in your development process and release their energies back into the universe.

Something wonderful is about to happen, enjoy it when it arrives.

Have a lovely New Year

I love you all

Ainsley xxx

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Information download

For a long time now I have been given messages from various sources; these have been my own guides or, more recently, some beings from an alien race I met during meditations. All have been stressing that there is some really 'big download' of information on the way. I have to admit that I have been a little afraid of this, am I really the right person to be the channel for this?

When my non-corporeal and my earthly friends kept telling me, if I was getting this information and being told that I should be ready - basically, shut your mouth and open your mind - then; yes, I am the one.

I am still scared but...I am ready.

This is a time when strange and rather special things are happening; people you haven't seen for years will suddenly reappear in your life or will communicate with you without warning, other people who you are in contact with on a regular basis may vanish without trace. This really isn't something to be worried about, you are shifting to a higher plane and when this happens strange things will happen - shift happens (I couldn't resist that, sorry) and when it does, remember that this is where you need to be and what you need to experience.

The main thing is to enjoy what you are going through - you are in the right place at the right time and this is what ascension is all about.

Be happy my friends, I love you all.

Ainsley xxx

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shift Happens

Shift Happens
I make no apologies for borrowing this phrase from my lovely friend Jennifer, I just say “Thank you.”

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing – shift does happen, usually in the most unexpected ways.

Many years ago I trained as a healer; this was brought about by a very powerful ‘life change’, one which nearly terminated this incarnation for me. Because of this, at this time I felt that my life purpose was to heal people and the Earth too and I set about collecting as many tools as I could to bring this about.

To this end I am now a Spiritual Healer, a Reiki II practitioner, an Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy practitioner, a Transformational Healing facilitator, a ColourWorks facilitator and an Indian Head Massage therapist. At least, that is what it says on my business card.

Truth is that I have now been made aware from various sources; most particularly my own guides, that healing others is no longer what is required. What is needed now is help, help for others to see that they can heal themselves.

Healing others dis-empowers them and reinforces their need for constant healing and protection; letting them be “poor me” and trapping them in an endless cycle of ‘victim’ phases.

Simply assisting them to see that they can heal themselves, reinforces their connection with Source and allows them to move into greater things; particularly into seeing their own divine beauty.

Remember – Thou Art God

Thank you for reading this

I love you all


Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Face on Mars - what do you think?

I'm a little off the track I had intended to write about but; I have just checked out the new images from the face on Mars and, despite being proclaimed as just an accidental effect from shadows on a weathered butt, it still looks like a face and I cannot believe that the shadows are always in the right place and angle to permit the image to be seen as a face. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will but sometimes theory is shown to be fact and this image seems to be more lasting and intact than ever before.

See for yourself and let me know what you think,
this is probably the best way of going to the MSNBC site and looking at the images.

Love Ainsley

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just a sample blog to see who actually looks at these things...