Friday, January 02, 2009

11th Re-Birthday

It is just coming up to the eleventh anniversary of the Great Life-changing event and I felt that it would be appropriate to re-post and update some of the information. The eleventh is an important year, the number 11 is the first of the master numbers in numerology and I felt that using this power would be particularly good, for me - at least. I have only just realised that 2009 is also a master number year (2+9=11) and it may well be this fact that is causing me to write this new segment of my blog.

On 08-01-98 I was working in Adventurine, the New-Age shop Liz (my wife) used to own in Penzance, when I started to feel a little strange. Thinking that it was just hunger, I started to make plans to find something to eat from the bakery on the floor below. I got to the door and was about to take my key out when I felt a sensation I can only describe as a 'pop' in the left side inside my skull. The next thing I knew was that I was lying back against the wall, wondering what had happened and what I should tell Liz.

I tried to reach the phone but found that I couldn't and I propped myself against another wall to await inspiration. At this point everything becomes rather vague, a lot of what I know now comes from what I have been told. It seems that I was discovered by a woman who was looking to find someone who had witnessed her car being hit in the car park outside. It was this angel who contacted the ambulance service to assist me, a policeman who arrived just before the ambulance took one look at me and said, "Oh, he is drunk."

The paramedics knew better and I can remember being loaded onto a wheel-chair to be taken to the ambulance. I know that I tended to drift in and out of consciousness for the next few hours, Liz appeared by my bedside in the assessment room but since I found it difficult to make myself understood I ended up playing with the breathing monitor, making the alarm sound when I took too few or too many breaths.

The rest of the time in the hospital was really boring and I tended to utilise it to perform simple exercises to keep my legs and back fairly supple. When I returned to the out-patients department for a check-up a couple of weeks later the specialist informed me that he was "glad to see you up and around, we didn't expect you to survive a week". Ten days after the event they sent me home.

A few weeks later I had been working in the shop when a friend came in and she expressed great pleasure at seeing me, she knew why I had been absent from the shop for a while and when I said that I thought that I had received 'an awful warning' about my life, she immediately rushed forward saying that she didn't think that what I had said was valid. She placed her hand into my chackric column just above my head and sensed me carefully, what she said next surprised me a bit - but I felt the truth of what she said.

"You were taken out of circulation to be re-tuned and re-aligned so that you can get on with the work you are supposed to be doing."

The next event took place a few weeks after that, Liz pointed out a notice on the advertising board by the stairs inviting people to attend a spiritual healing group to be held locally. This turned out not to be just for healing but to learn the techniques and method of the healing process taught by Ann Moore. This was the first step on my path to where I am now.

After the spiritual healing I was introduced to Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy (Dorinda Hood and Brenda Caldwell - the creator of the AS-WET system), Reiki I (Elizabeth Holman) and Reiki II (Marlene Treloar), Footsteps of the Soul (Pat Angove [creator]), ColourWorks (Melissie Jolly [creator]) and Indian Head Massage (Delphiris Hoffman); all these are for use on clients, though they have to be accepted on a personal basis first. There were several other things but these were for my own development, though these were also tools which could be applied if appropriate.

It then took a period time of working on clients and conversations with my guides for me to understand that 'I am not a healer', the only one who can heal you is you, all I can do is to add energy into the system to assist you to heal yourself. All of which only works if you really want to heal.

After all this I eventually realised that when I looked in a mirror I didn't really know who I was looking at and that all I could see was a mask. I had long hair and a beard and now I felt that I had been hiding behind them for too long, some of my good friends had long been saying that a hair removal was somewhat overdue. The interesting thing was that, after the Great Unveiling, a very short time later I came across a photograph of me - taken when I was about nine years old - and the hairstyle was identical. The 'real' me had re-emerged; one of my healing teachers - Vernon Frost, he offered a couple of Labyrinth meditation workshops, had told me not to hide my light under a bushel - or perhaps he meant a bush (of hair).

The next step I took was to make friends with water, I am still not a 'swimmer' but after the Water Confidence course, with Delphiris, I can now enter a swimming pool without feeling terrified.

So, eleven years on from my re-birth I can say that I am a much more open person and am looking forward to even more learning and development.

At this point I had intended to add a couple of photographs but I realised that the old image of me before the Great Unveiling wasn't relevant any more and only the new image of the 'New me' was 'me' - so here it is.
New meImage by Dolphin Dancer via Flickr

I hope you find this interesting enough to comment here, I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Love - Ainsley

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Hana Mi said...

ahh nice to see you Ainsley! Very contemplative face there or was it windy?

Quite a journey, it seems these dramas are often a spark to new paths and growth.

Ainsley said...

Wistful, looking out to sea and it was very bright and sunny that day.

Thanks for visiting Hana Mi ☺

Luna said...

dear friend.. did you ever find what popped?
I was driving a couple years ago.. and for a nanosecond I felt my mind jump out and then back in through my left temple with enough force to rock my whole body..wild and hasn't happend again.

Issamau said...

This is a wonderful journey even though at the point of re-birth may have been a little disturbing ~ Welcome to the new world of you heart ~ Its a pleasure to meet you ♥

Silvery Blessings ♥

Poetry Passion Pastry said...

Nice to see you, Ainsley. Quite the journey you are on. Glad that you are here to continue on your way.