Thursday, October 23, 2008

The 'Mind Wipe' Pill

How long before science fiction is completely overtaken by fact?  This has already happened in some areas but now a new idea comes to the fore.

Scientists in the USofA say that they have found a way to selectively wipe out 'uncomfortable' memories.  This is only a short step away from the legal 'Mind Wipe' used as a punishment in the TV series 'Babylon 5', where a criminal - convicted of a serious crime, like murder - has his or her memory wiped and supplanted by false and socially acceptable memories so that they can take their place in society as a productive member again.

In experiments on mice it was found that a particular protein has a role in the formation of memories, it is theorised that it should be possible to develop a pill to erase 'traumatic and fearful memories' without damaging the brain.  How difficult would it be to simply remove all memories to create a safe member of society?

Or, dare I say it, to create a memory-free being (I cannot use the word 'person' here for rather obvious reasons) for use as a slave.

This way nightmares are born.

Thanks for reading this.

Love Ainsley

Friday, October 17, 2008

The visit didn't happen...

But I am still hoping that someone will come here.  I felt rather sad that with the (granted, rather limited) publicity there must be quite a few people who are even more disappointed with the no-show; I have to say that my personal feelings are that there will be a visit rather soon.  We are on the verge of something very special and rather spectacular and a visit is really overdue.

I probably will not be the first to break the news but I will report the information as soon as I can.

Keep watching the sky may well be the first to spot the visitors.

Love Ainsley

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The arrival of new friends

I have seen quite a few references to the possible arrival of UFOs above our cities on October 14 (2008) and feel that I have to add my thoughts on this.

I must admit that my mind is rather torn on this matter even though spirit is really comfortable, the human part is still sitting in disbelief here.  There is also the concept that the war-motivated masses will see this as something to fight and beings coming here in friendship, could actually result in the destruction of society on this planet.

If we can avoid all the potential problems, then I would really love to see and meet some visitors from other worlds - knowingly meet that is, I am convinced that there are beings among us who are from other worlds and have kept their presence carefully hidden.

I await the arrival with interest, this could be the most wonderful thing that could happen to the inhabitance of our planet.

Whatever happens, I shall make an entry here.

Love to all...(I mean all)