Thursday, October 23, 2008

The 'Mind Wipe' Pill

How long before science fiction is completely overtaken by fact?  This has already happened in some areas but now a new idea comes to the fore.

Scientists in the USofA say that they have found a way to selectively wipe out 'uncomfortable' memories.  This is only a short step away from the legal 'Mind Wipe' used as a punishment in the TV series 'Babylon 5', where a criminal - convicted of a serious crime, like murder - has his or her memory wiped and supplanted by false and socially acceptable memories so that they can take their place in society as a productive member again.

In experiments on mice it was found that a particular protein has a role in the formation of memories, it is theorised that it should be possible to develop a pill to erase 'traumatic and fearful memories' without damaging the brain.  How difficult would it be to simply remove all memories to create a safe member of society?

Or, dare I say it, to create a memory-free being (I cannot use the word 'person' here for rather obvious reasons) for use as a slave.

This way nightmares are born.

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