Friday, September 25, 2009

Statins - New fears

My headline is taken from the 'Daily Express' dated 25 Sep 09 and their headline states, in full, New fears over heart pill taken by millions, I dislike having to say "I told you so" but...

The full article can be seen at the above address but a few details are presented here; increased usage of Statins has seen an increase in reported side effects, some of which can be quite devastating - I quote:

"Statins are already known to cause tummy upsets, liver problems and muscle pains in some users as well as a rare but serious lung disorder.

Packets warn patients of these side-effects but last year manufacturers were forced to add new cautions, telling patients that statins can sometimes cause memory loss, sexual problems, depression and disturbed sleep."

Why do the 'health professionals' disregard information that has been presented to them over the years about problems and will only start to take these things seriously when they become fully public knowledge?

I told my doctor about these issues quite a long time ago but he eventually persuaded me to get onto the medication and now this news reaches me.

Another quote:

"[...] we have found one, simvastatin – the version most frequently prescribed in the UK and the main one given to many elderly patients – can cause impairment of pathways regulating muscle mass and metabolism.

I am reluctant to just stop taking the Statins but now I feel that, since my confidence in the suggestions made by my doctor has dropped significantly, I may have no other course of action. This whole feeling is compounded by the fact that Simvastatin is the one I have been prescribed as being the 'safest' Statin to take.

Please read the whole article and make comments to your medical professional if you feel as I do.

I told you so - is no compensation really, is it?

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

RFID issues re-surface

I received an e-mail from Natural News...
[ ] information about a possible scenario regarding RFID bracelets and Swine Flu vaccination control, with particular reference to Boston Massachusetts, where there is talk that the vaccination and registration will be made compulsory.

The speculation is that a chipped bracelet would be required to allow the law enforcement people to track all those who had taken the treatment and, incidentally, anyone who hadn't taken said treatment. This bracelet RFID chip would also hold personal medical information so that, in the event of accident or whatever, assistance can be provided even if the subject is unconscious.

This idea is flawed; consider, that the person could remove the bracelet and 'lose' it or just leave it at home.

No problem...implant the RFID chip directly into the subject and the chip reader would link directly to a central computer to provide the information the authorities require.

I talked about this concept in a previous post with regard to babies, chip them at birth for 'safety reasons' after a series of staged abductions then they can be traced at any time thereafter.

Big Brother State had nothing on this, it was only a preview of what could be done.

Picture shows a probable location for the implantation.

Just after the operation to insert the RFID ta...Image via Wikipedia

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The earlier posts...

Some of the earlier posts, from here, have been copied to the new Explorer blog but they haven't been deleted from this blog because I couldn't copy the comments over to Explorer and I felt that the comments were an integral part of what was going on for me.

The copies here are more for reference and explain where I am coming from - with particular reference to the Life-Change.

New posts will appear from time to time and will probably be of the rant variety, though I hope that this will not be too pervasive.