Saturday, May 22, 2010

Statins - not quite a rant

After everything I, and so many others, have been saying about Statins and the fact that they are a real danger to health new research has shown...

Some doses and types of statins are linked with a greater risk of adverse effects, including liver problems and kidney failure, the UK research showed. "

This quote is taken from the BBC news website for 20 May 2010 [ ]

It just goes to show that we, the unsuspecting patients, are being abused and misinformed about the so-called benefits of drugs - how wonderful they are...

For a while I, somewhat reluctantly, took Statins after my doctor advised me [strongly] that it would be a good idea. When a recent urine sample was tested and showed traces of protein, indicating that there was a risk of renal and liver problems, I decided that I was going to stop using the Statins.

In a few months I will be returning for another check-up with the associated tests and then will be able to see whether the doctor is right - or I am...

Time will tell.

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