Saturday, May 22, 2010

Statins - not quite a rant

After everything I, and so many others, have been saying about Statins and the fact that they are a real danger to health new research has shown...

Some doses and types of statins are linked with a greater risk of adverse effects, including liver problems and kidney failure, the UK research showed. "

This quote is taken from the BBC news website for 20 May 2010 [ ]

It just goes to show that we, the unsuspecting patients, are being abused and misinformed about the so-called benefits of drugs - how wonderful they are...

For a while I, somewhat reluctantly, took Statins after my doctor advised me [strongly] that it would be a good idea. When a recent urine sample was tested and showed traces of protein, indicating that there was a risk of renal and liver problems, I decided that I was going to stop using the Statins.

In a few months I will be returning for another check-up with the associated tests and then will be able to see whether the doctor is right - or I am...

Time will tell.

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Poetry Passion Pastry said...

I don't know if it goes by the same name in the U.K., but I take Lipitor (it doesn't come in generic form here.) I believe it has the longest and most extensive tests/studies of any of the statins. I first took Zocor (I think, it's been so long ago) which was barely effective. Lipitor has all of my numbers at least close to optimal. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor who did inform me of potential risks and side effects. Blood tests are done every six months to check my liver and kidneys. I hate to take any more medicine than I have to, but for me, this drug has been beneficial. I may be in the minority though.

Fireblossom said...

I had them p[rescribed by my doctor a couple of years ago, and though I wasn't keen on taking them, I did. I began having unpleasant dreams, which became worse over several nights, until they were terrifying. Ghosts, wild animals, you name it, after me. I'm not prone to such dreams, so after being woken yet again in fear, I tried to think what had changed in the past week or ten days and the only thing was the statin drug. So went on line to research possible side effects, and sure enough, bad dreams were one of the ones reported. I stopped the drug and the dreams were gone within two nights.

PS--we both an extremely nice lady. ;-)

Fireblossom said...

we both KNOW an extremely nice lady, I meant to say.

Ainsley said...

Hello Shay
Thank you for your response to my [rather old] post. I am sorry that you had problems with Statins but...

It is good to see other people with valid complaints about Statins - I have never felt right about taking them and am not now using them despite my doctor's continuing insistence, though he admits that it has to be my choice.

I agree...we both know a really lovely lady ♥

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