Monday, March 30, 2009


Just when I thought that I could forget about this issue, along comes another story.

Using rosuvastatin as the trial base, an American research [from New England] study claims to cut the risk of things like deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Other varieties of Statins haven't been tested in this study but you can be certain that they will be included in any recommendations made by the medical profession.

RosuvastatinImage via Wikipedia

The researchers claim that "aggressive Statin therapy reduces life-threatening blood clots in the veins" and that this "carried no risk of excess bleeding...associated with alternative blood-thinning treatments such as warfarin". What isn't mentioned is that Statins have all kinds of other health risks and as such they should be applied to treatments on an individual basis, rather than the blanket prescribing system that is being promoted at the moment.

The suggestion is that Statins should be prescribed on a prophylactic basis to all those considered to be at risk from DVT or whatever. My fear is that this will probably be extended to include everyone in time.

The feeling I am getting is that the chemical manufacturers are really getting desperate to dump their waste by-products in a 'non-polluting way' and are planning to rely on us to do it for them, so many medicines are already entering the waste system that it would be fairly easy to add more - what this will do to the environment is anybodies guess.

Yours, in fairly deep distrust of anything the 'health' profession is trying to push on us.


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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Testing The Apture Assistant

This is just a trial post to allow evaluation of the new Apture Editor Plugin for Firefox, it doesn't assist when composing the post in the same way that Zemanta does but works when actually on the blog.

Planning to test with some images as well.

Lazy sundaymorning.....Image by Nessy Shepherd via Flickr

To see what effect it has on what is present.

This post will probably be removed to free the space but, then again experiments should be kept for reference. Actually, having seen the possibilities I will keep this here, I point out that if something seems to have a 'hover-over' type of link then allow your mouse to sniff at it and see what appears. ☺ You may like what you see.

I think I like what this offers.

Peace - Ainsley

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Travel tracking and E-borders

I had intended to comment on the government's suggestion that the travel plans and patterns of all citizens of this nation should be stored on a database for up to ten years. Given the way the government works that should be considered to be a minimum of ten years but however long this period is, it will be an intrusion into privacy and personal rights.

My statement that it was a suggestion has to be amended now that it looks as though the system is about to be initialised and some ferry, rail and air companies will start to introduce the data collection over the Easter [2009] holidays. Private pilots, owners of light aircraft will also be brought into the scheme and their flight plans will be recorded in the database.

Even weekend sailors and sea-fishermen will face criminal prosecution if they step one foot on foreign soil.

A further twist, one which to me is the greatest joke, has cross-channel swimmers and their support teams also having to file their 'travel plans' for recording in the database.

Probably the most disturbing thing about all of this is the fact that the government will want to know;

Who you are,
Where you live,
How you paid,
Your phone number,
Your e-mail address,
Where you are going,
Who is with you,
Where you will be staying,
When you will be back,

And in most cases all this information will have to be provided at least 24 hours in advance, so no spontaneous holidays should be considered - just in case.

The information for this blog post was gathered from the No2ID pages and

Logo for NO2ID.Image via Wikipedia

Please visit this site if you care about Liberty in the UK

I had intended to add a picture or two but I didn't think that the material should have any image to distract from the seriousness of what the government is trying to do to us.

It cannot be said that any of this is really going to tackle the issues of terrorism and in my opinion is just going to make '1984' a prophesy rather than a warning.

Sad, really.


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