Sunday, March 29, 2009

Testing The Apture Assistant

This is just a trial post to allow evaluation of the new Apture Editor Plugin for Firefox, it doesn't assist when composing the post in the same way that Zemanta does but works when actually on the blog.

Planning to test with some images as well.

Lazy sundaymorning.....Image by Nessy Shepherd via Flickr

To see what effect it has on what is present.

This post will probably be removed to free the space but, then again experiments should be kept for reference. Actually, having seen the possibilities I will keep this here, I point out that if something seems to have a 'hover-over' type of link then allow your mouse to sniff at it and see what appears. ☺ You may like what you see.

I think I like what this offers.

Peace - Ainsley

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