Sunday, January 11, 2009

More water issues - Part one

A while ago I realised that I was having some 'water issues' (details of which can be found on Delphiris' website, the particular page of her site is and was guided to confront them by making friends with the element. These issues seem to have resurfaced for some reason and last evening (10 Jan 09) I discovered that the immersion heater tank was dripping on the floor making the carpet rather damp.

Initially, it seemed impossible to get hold of an emergency plumber - late on a Saturday is one of the times when these plumbers should be on stand-by for call-out. Eventually we did find one, strangely he was only seven miles from where we live, and he was prepared to come and check out our problem. He closed off the water supply to the header tank and, in consultation with us, has agreed to take on the work of repairing the leak and adding a few things to the pipes to make any further work simpler but this would have to wait till Monday.

So we are without hot water - unless we boil kettles - but at least the shower is unaffected so we can keep clean.

This saga will be reported upon soon...

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