Thursday, November 19, 2009

Observing you...

Under the guise of 'health care' another means of observing and following you is being trialled at present. The so-called 'Smart Plaster' is a sticking-plaster type of strip which is placed on the chest of a patient to monitor blood pressure, heart rate and other factors that are useful in keeping a check on a patients condition in hospital.

The main benefit is that the device is cordless and the lack of cables will free the patient and allow movement when necessary. The initial trials are to assess the integrity of the data sent by the strip to the monitoring computer and will also check on other factors - whether the device can be used during showers and the like.

Now take this to the next stage; I have already suggested that babies can be micro-chipped at birth for 'safety' reasons, to prevent abductions from hospitals and similar issues, the next step would be to implant biosensors to keep a check on health - initially for the high-risk babies but later for all so that health can be monitored whenever it is necessary.

It has already been suggested that these sensor strips should include a location finder so that the nursing staff can find a patient if there is a risk of falls or 'wandering off', a short step from there to a full-scale GPS link to enable any 'health care professional' to track someone when it is deemed necessary to medicate them.

How long before it is compulsory to have all babies micro-chipped at birth? How long before it becomes compulsory for EVERYBODY to be chipped?

Depressing, I know but you have been warned.

Some of this information has been extracted from the article on the BBC News website page -

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