Sunday, December 07, 2008

Experimenting with a new toy

BotallackThis post is for me to assess the usefulness of 'Zemanta', a blogging assistant. It is designed to suggest images and articles to add to the blog as it is being written, the test for me is whether it offers an image that I have been trying to add to my various postings here.

Botallack...this picture was taken by me on my mobile phone several months ago during one of the warmer months when I took a walk out to the cliffs to get some exercise and in the hopes of taking an image or two to add to this blog.

Well, I can see it here in the draft and if it appears in the posted version as well I shall be pleased. I shall be much more inspired to collect more photographs for inclusion here, I didn't feel the need when I couldn;t be certain that the images would actually appear.

Hope that this is interesting for you...
Love to all

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Jure Cuhalev (Zemanta) said...

Welcome to Zemanta community. I just wanted to clarify something about images.

As you've noticed, if you set up your own Flickr account in Zemanta preferences, we'll search it. But what's more important is that for the same concept, we'll also search all other Creative Commons photos out there.

This means that if you upload your photos to Flickr under creative commons license - - you'll make a lot of bloggers and others happy that would love to build on top of your work.

If you have any questions or ideas about Zemanta or related things, I'm happy to help - or just visit our forums -

Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta