Sunday, November 30, 2008

Geo-location to solve traffc problems

I have had this story sitting on one of the tabs in my Firefox for quite a few days now, waiting to see if anyone else would respond to the concept.

No one did, so here is my take on it; the idea seems to be quite a good one, use the geo-location device in our mobile phones to feed back information about traffic conditions so that we can avoid the problems. The concept can be connected with sat-nav systems for complete coverage to make the driving experience better.

As handsets move, their signals are re-routed to the nearest mobile mast and it is this "hand-off" that provides the information about movement and speed. One aspect of this is not mentioned in the BBC News article (, when does this information become interesting to traffic police with respect to speeding offences? After all, if the "hand-off" happens more frequently than normal for any particular road then the vehicle is obviously exceeding the speed limit and the police don't even have to chase you - they already have your phone number and can trace the owner of the phone without too much difficulty.

Big Brother is already watching you, now he will know when you are breaking the law as well.

I don't drive but I know many people who do and I suspect that this whole idea will give rise to mixed feelings.

Happy (paranoid) driving - take care on the road.

Love to all


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