Sunday, November 09, 2008

Statins, is this the new conspiracy?

I keep reading in the news about how 'good' Statins are for everyone and now there is a new drive to get everyone to use them even if they are already healthy. I wonder whether they are a by-product of another industrial process in the same way that fluoride is and when they couldn't find any other way of safely disposing of this toxic material, it was pushed as a 'health product'. Health? The amount of fluoride in a small tube (child sized and flavoured to appeal to children) has enough fluoride to kill a child if eaten.

The non-mainstream health groups have long said that Statins are not a safe thing to place in the human body and should be avoided if possible.

My suspicious mind is wondering whether there is a similar issue here, Statins being produced from a different source would be dumped but a 'health use' is discovered and it is profitable to dump it on the unsuspecting public instead. It still gets into the environment but it is profitable and they cannot be prosecuted for placing it there and the health authorities will come to their support and say "what a good thing you have done".

Yes, I know that this is another rant about health issues but I do feel rather strongly since my 'health professionals' (sponsored by the government and the drug manufacturers) have been pushing me to add certain medications to my body - and some of these, I feel, are not really helping me at all.

Rant over...for now, but do not be surprised to see a new post before too long.

Love and good health to all,

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