Sunday, August 03, 2008

Varioous aspects of blogging

The headline reads:
'The power of female blogging' and the rest of the text goes on to talk about the female force in blogging. I think that most of what is said, about getting more women interested in pouring out their thoughts onto the web for others to read is really great. One thing that appears a bit further down the page states that "In a print magazine advertisers could use old standards such as heels, lipstick and sex to sell..." I took a quick look at the front page of BlogHer and read one of the bloggers references about the 'must-have shoes for the fall' just made me feel that the whole female blogging push is about selling. Further proof of this is fully illustrated by the attempt to get the bloggers to add some kind of advertising to their page, something I really cannot get interested in doing or indeed following. When I see an advert I just ignore it, sales to me are not going to happen - sorry.

I also fail to see why there should be a 'women only' blogging site; if the equivalent version of a 'men only' site were to come into being on the web I can see that there would be a very vociferous claim of sexism, and rightly so. The only possible reason I can come up with is for a more efficient demographic targeting of the audience, this rant is fairly pointless - no one is going to change what is happening.

I mentioned that I am now on Twitter, I use TwitterFox to inform me of postings when I am not signed in to the site and have activated the phone link for one of my 'followings' and also use Twhirl for when I don't want to use Firefox for whatever reason. The reason I am babbling about this is because I am considering adding 'TwitPic' to my armoury, to allow me to add pictures to my posts - advice and information from any reader (in comments to this post) would be gratefully received.

Speaking of which, if anyone wants to follow my posts on Twitter look for me as DolphinDancer (no breaks in the name) and say hello.

Well, that is all for now - love to all.

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