Sunday, August 24, 2008

Non-mainstream religion

Well here comes another target for the 'watch list' or even a possible 'hate list'.

I have been reading through one of the little leaflets from the "Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania", this one about living in a peaceful new world. One of the background facts not covered by the leaflet is that we will all have to be vegetarian - we are all shown as living in complete harmony with all other living animal organisms, what then can we eat?

The leaflet suggests that the whole earth will be transformed into 'a gardenlike paradise state'; lovely but what will happen to those life-forms which are happy in the desert or rocky areas or any place not considered as 'garden' by the members of this religion group.

Incidentally this leaflet goes on to say that there will be food for all and that we will be the ones who will plant and harvest...this implies that the population of Earth will have to fall significantly, how will this be achieved?

It also troubles me that the Bible, supposedly the word of God, is written and re-written by the leaders of the various religious groups so that the book will say what they want their followers to read. I once asked someone who knocked at my front door what the bible said about reincarnation, only to be told that there were no references in the book at all. The emperor Justinian and his wife did a fairly good job of removing most of the references but there are still a few remaining in the King John editions (those are also heavily edited) but I discovered, through a search on the web, that the version of the bible they used was entirely re-written for their use.

If this doesn't attract some comments it will show that no one else reads my blogs and that this for my own entertainment purposes alone.

Love to all


chris said...

You are putting very good stuff on your blog.
So right about the reincarnation issue.
Have just discovered you on Twitter, so am reading your back blogs, with great enjoyment.

Poetry Passion Pastry said...

I have always {even as a child} challenged the bible as the word of God because of man's hand in "passing it along." I am a spiritual person but I do not feel the need to read words transcribed and twisted {intentionally or not} through the filter of man's eyes. I have never found an organized religion that felt truthful either.