Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shift Happens

Shift Happens
I make no apologies for borrowing this phrase from my lovely friend Jennifer, I just say “Thank you.”

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing – shift does happen, usually in the most unexpected ways.

Many years ago I trained as a healer; this was brought about by a very powerful ‘life change’, one which nearly terminated this incarnation for me. Because of this, at this time I felt that my life purpose was to heal people and the Earth too and I set about collecting as many tools as I could to bring this about.

To this end I am now a Spiritual Healer, a Reiki II practitioner, an Advanced Sound-Wave Energy Therapy practitioner, a Transformational Healing facilitator, a ColourWorks facilitator and an Indian Head Massage therapist. At least, that is what it says on my business card.

Truth is that I have now been made aware from various sources; most particularly my own guides, that healing others is no longer what is required. What is needed now is help, help for others to see that they can heal themselves.

Healing others dis-empowers them and reinforces their need for constant healing and protection; letting them be “poor me” and trapping them in an endless cycle of ‘victim’ phases.

Simply assisting them to see that they can heal themselves, reinforces their connection with Source and allows them to move into greater things; particularly into seeing their own divine beauty.

Remember – Thou Art God

Thank you for reading this

I love you all



you are amazing said...

Very true!

Are you going to set up some classes in your area to teach people?.....

Or you can share your knowledge with each client.

Or both.

Ainsley said...

I had'nt really considered teaching this. I do share the information with friends and clients - problem is that friends are already aware of this and clients often do not understand and are only with me to be 'healed'.

you are amazing said...

A miracle is a personal moment of understanding, an awareness that helps you transform from within. Miracles are your birth right.
Life is an opportunity.

you are amazing said...


(type it in all as one line without any gaps)

type that into a web seach, its another rare, unreleased Madonna song called History.

chris said...

That is so right and where we are now, spiritually.
There has been a huge shift.