Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Phone and e-mail database

It has been placed into consideration by ministers in parliament that a database of electronic information which will hold details of every phone call and e-mail sent in the UK. Granted that these plans at an early stage but it is my opinion that this idea ranks with the concept of the national ID card scheme and the biometric passport as a very unwelcome intrusion into our personal privacy and all of these things should be scrapped before any further money is wasted on them.

I have to admit that this little rant is my own feelings but members of parliament have stated very similar ideas, including -

Given the appalling track record of data loss, this state is simply not to be trusted with such private information
Chris Huhne
Lib Dems

I really hope that the civil liberty groups working in this country manage to influence the MPs to throw this one out.

I guess that this rant has ensured that I am on one of the security databases as a potential trouble-maker - oh well...sigh!

In peace and privacy...Ainsley

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