Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just a sample blog to see who actually looks at these things...


Maggie - The Illuminator said...

Well I came here!!!

Thank you for your wonderfl comment on my blog1

All my love

Ainsley said...

I have been watching the posts on Maggie's site and have been really impressed with what she has to offer.
As time passes I shall be adding things to this site and leaving some - hopefully useful and maybe even enlightening - comments to encourage others to wake and create their universe as I have.
Love to Maggie and love to you all, wherever and whoever you are.

Teresa Rose said...

Hi Ainsley

I came across your blog whilst looking at the comments on Maggie's blog site. It truly is wonderful that you feel that way. I have been inspired to do the same and in the creation of it identified with just how truly beautiful my universe is. Please keep the blogs coming. I love to hear other people share how it is for them. It could be like our own special kind of newspaper. I no longer read the regular kind.
Thank you
All love

Edric Jackson said...
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sophie addison said...

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sophie addison said...

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