Monday, April 28, 2008

The miracle berry

The article on the BBC news website seems to show that 'Big Business' is once again flexing its muscles to prevent the smaller men from gaining a foothold and marketing a product which will benefit a lot of people.

The product is an extract from the berry of 'Synesepalum dulcificum'

Taken from the BBC News website (

Grown in Africa, first documented in 18th Century

Acts on the sour receptors of the tongue, turning sour tastes sweet

Effect lasts 30 mins - two hours

Effect is destroyed in hot foods - eg coffee and baked foods

Renders an accompanying dry white wine sickly sweet

Great for diet control and for those who need to maintain a 'diabetic' control on their blood-glucose levels, it would appear that the American FDA are controlled by the sugar and sweeteners companies to maintain their control over what is consumed.


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